Corrosion protection of hydraulic structures

Corrosion protection of hydraulic structures

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Corrosion protection works

Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of metal parts and reinforced concrete in coastal structures. Constant alternation of water and air in hydraulic structures contributes to the corrosion process. As a result, corrosion reduces structures’ load-bearing capacity and service life.

Corrosion protection work is a combination of different actions that you can take to protect structures from corrosion, thus significantly extending their life.

Seashield 2000FD system

The Seashield 2000FD system is a solid and durable enclosure solution consisting of an anti-corrosion industrial petrolatum-based paste, tape, and an external strong HDPE plastic enclosure, tightened with hydraulic tools and secured with stainless steel bolts.

Seashield 2000FD is suitable for steel, concrete, and timber structures and provides corrosion protection in the splash and intertidal zones. In addition, the system can be used for encapsulation of jetty piles, offshore riser pipes, and exposed piping and is suitable for use on cylindrical, rectangular, and hexagonal piles and support members and bracings. The solution is also ideal for use in areas where ice may form.

Components and installation

The Seashield 2000FD system consists of three parts: soft Vaseline-based paste S105 with water-repellent additives and anti-corrosion agents; water-resistant synthetic textile tape containing inert fillers and water-repellent active ingredients and impregnated with Vaseline; HDPE plastic protective case.

The installation takes place in four stages, where the surface is first cleaned of marine growth, loose rust, and the old protective layer. Then, all sharp edges and protrusions will be sanded straight.

The S105 paste is then applied to recesses deeper than 2 mm, and a special waterproof tape with 55% overlap is wrapped around the pile.

Finally, the surface is covered with an HDPE plastic cover, tightened, and fastened with stainless steel bolts. The protective cover is available in modules of different heights (1.9 m, 1.26 m, and 0.62 m).

If desired, an inspection hatch can be fitted as an option, which can be opened to check the condition of the surface.

Advantages of using Seashield 2000FD instead of protective paint coating.

  • The system's service life is 30+ years, while in the case of paint coating, it is 10-15 years at best.
  • More economical, considerable savings come from the absence of welding work, as areas with damaged holes are filled with paste and not welded smooth.
  • Cheaper and faster to install.
  • Delays in operation due to severe weather conditions are reduced.
  • It takes less time to pre-treat and install (decreases the need for wind-proof weather) and reduces work delays due to harsh weather conditions.
  • Lower environmental risk - no abrasive pre-treatment is required.
  • The system does not require dry treatment during installation, so there is no need to use hermetic chambers and pump out water.

Seashield Series 500 system

This robust, heavy-duty encapsulation system has been explicitly designed to protect coastal marine structures with moderate corrosion without requiring the addition of steel rebars. Jetty piles, bridge supports, offshore risers, conductors, pipework, jacket legs, and structural member supports can all be protected with it.

The systems can be applied in a series of stages to overcome the difficulty of working in a tidal or splash zone environment.

Working principle and installation

Series 500 comprises translucent GRP Forms secured around the suitably cleaned substrate of the structure to be protected. Working from the bottom upwards, SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout is injected by a pump through unique entry ports in the Forms until it fills the internal space between the Form and the substrate.

When cured, the SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout bonds exceptionally well to the substrate and the Forms, which remain in place as a tough outer layer giving additional impact and abrasion resistance.


  • Total encapsulation.
  • Easy to install with a range of readily available pumping equipment.
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance.
  • Optimum maintenance free service life.
  • Translucent GRP Forms enable internal grout level to be easily monitored.
  • UV resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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In the case of corrosion protection work, the efficient use of resources (suitable days for the job, material, etc.) is crucial. Therefore, we have made this process as optimal as possible.

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