Construction design of buildings and ports

Designing buildings and ports needs knowledge and experience, which we have more than 25 years.

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Construction design

The project is bread and butter in construction. It is a set of documents that contains the information needed for construction.

It is essential that the project is thorough and answers questions that may arise for the client or builder without leaving room for self-reflection. The project tells us volumes of materials needed and how the contractor must perform the construction work. 

Based on a high-quality project, it is possible to perform subsequent economic management of the object.

Professional project is the key to successful construction.

An excellent and well-thought-out project will help prepare the construction and identify possible bottlenecks already in the planning phase. This allows you to optimize construction costs without wasting time and money.

A particular project will help prevent downtime during construction.

With a proper project, you protect your interests and minimalize your risks.

A comprehensive project specifically states what, where, from what, and how to build. Therefore, there is little room for error, and even if there are problems with the quality of construction, a good project will help solve the problem quickly.

What do we do?

Construction design for ports

We design and perform necessary analyses to build a port that meets 100% of the client’s requirements. 

We offer comprehensive port design from the planning phase to design the port’s constructive solution, utility networks, and navigation markings.

Design of buildings

We use our more than 25 years of experience to design a durable building of the highest quality, which is problem-free and meets all of the requirements of today’s construction standards. 

We offer a comprehensive construction design project that includes: 


Design of facilities

We are a reliable partner for the customer in planning various facilities.

Detail planning

We help the client create a detailed plan that meets the conditions set by the local government and protect the client’s interests from the initiation of the detailed plan until its establishment.

How can we help you?

Many influencing factors determine the conditions of any construction. Our professional, experienced, and certified specialists help the customer find answers to questions and design a building, port, or other facilities so that it meets all requirements, is modern, and considers the development of trends.

In addition, we also offer consultation and advice at every stage of design and construction. We help find solutions to problems that may arise with subcontractors and make our competence pay where needed.

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Mapping of the situation
  • Optimal solutions
  • A well thought out project
  • We respect deadlines
  • Required competence