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Analyzes and consultations.

Cost-effectiveness and optimality are the keywords that should characterize the design of buildings, ports, and other facilities. The key to success is high-quality base information, i.e., various basic research and analysis.

Analysis of waves, water levels, and other coastal processes is often lacking. As a result of the designer’s overconfidence, the essential indicators are mistakenly based on previous experience, which is suitable when making a preliminary estimate of the cost of work but is certainly no longer acceptable for other, more thorough calculations.

Experience has shown that the money invested in in-depth research pays off by significantly shortening the entire construction process and reducing the cost of subsequent maintenance.

A thorough analysis of the wave climate and coastal processes ensures the strongest, most optimal, and cost-effective port or other coastal structure where the customer can minimalize as many risks as possible. In the same way, thorough analyses help avoid splitting the hair and overachieving, making the result more optimal.

Experience has shown that the money invested in in-depth research proves to significantly reduce the cost of the entire other construction process and subsequent maintenance costs.

What analyzes do we offer?

Mathematical modeling

We can play through different situations with variables specific to the region in mathematical modeling. It provides input on the conditions that the project and the future facility must meet.

Environmental impact assessments

Environmental impact assessment is part of the standard modern building planning process. We can provide an assessment of the building’s impact on the environment and possible mitigation measures to minimize the environmental impact.

Hydrodynamic estimates

We help the customer to find a solution to various hydrodynamic problems that may arise during design, construction, or operation.


After completing a construction project, the law requires that project expertise for building projects that may accommodate more than 50 people at a time. We perform expertise of construction projects following the regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure “Requirements for the expertise of construction projects.”

Suppose an accident occurs during construction or operation. In that case, it is necessary to carry out an expert examination, which investigates the causes of the accident and proposes a solution that prevents the recurrence of the accident after the completion of the reconstruction work. We offer post-accident expertise and reconstruction solutions.


In the case of design and construction, we are an advisory partner to the customer, who can provide answers to emerging questions, find solutions to various problems and enforce our competence, for example, in disputes with subcontractors or other parties. As a consultant, our job is to help the client achieve the best results and protect his interests.