Lookout in Ööbikuorg “PESAPUU”

Project description

On October 10, 2016, Rõuge parish opened the tallest and undoubtedly prominent observation tower “Pesapuu” in Võru County in Rõuge Ööbikuoru.

The height of the observation tower is 30 meters (the upper observation platform is 27 meters high), and it looks like a tree with two bird nests. The author of the idea for the work is the architect Karmo Tõra (OÜ ROK-Projekt). It was built by Via Betoon Eesti OÜ as the main contractor and Roadservice OÜ as a subcontractor. The construction of the observation tower was financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund, the Environmental Investment Center, and Rõuge Parish.

General information

  • Rõuge parish
  • 2016
  • Ööbikuorg, Rõuge parish

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